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Welcome to my website!


I’m Judy Jacobs…a worship leader, psalmist, writer, mentor, speaker, pastor, and a lover of Jesus…and I want to serve you through this website.


I believe you have gifts, talents, anointings,  and a calling from God, and I want to help you walk in them. Through this website, my heart is to offer you some insight and wisdom through my free blogs, free email resources and ministry updates, product offerings, and mentorship opportunities.   

  • The blog posts hold encouragement, on-time revelation, and strategies to help you step into your calling with POWER!  

  • The free resources that you receive when subscribing to email updates are powerful tools to help you in your “Faith Walk” as you pursue God.  

  • The Mentorship you will receive through JUST US Mentoring will equip and empower you to walk in boldness and take hold of all that God has in store for you, your family, your ministry, and your Kingdom purpose! It is a powerful tool to disciple, build, and encourage you as you pursue the Lord and His will for your life!


As you navigate through this website, I pray that you encounter a deeper revelation of God’s love for you, that you discover a new strength and confidence in the Lord, and that you walk in wisdom and revelation of the power you carry!  


Follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Come and be a Kingdom runner with me, and let’s advance God’s Kingdom together!




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