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7 Days of Preparing for Great Exploits: Now on YouVersion!

Hello friends,

I am BEYOND excited to come to you today and let you know that my first Bible Reading Plan went LIVE on YouVersion THIS MORNING.

It’s called “7 Days of Preparing for Great Exploits.”

This is a powerful, 7-day series of short devotionals and Scripture readings that will help you BELIEVE IN and DO great things for God.

If you’ve ever heard me preach, you’ll know that I love Daniel 11:32. That verse says that the people who KNOW their God will be STRONG, and will do great exploits. I believe YOU know our God. I believe YOU are strong, and I believe YOU can and will carry out great exploits.

You can access “7 Days of Preparing for Great Exploits” on your mobile YouVersion app (“the Bible app”) or via your desktop computer.

Or, to access it on your mobile device, simply use your YouVersion app.

In the YouVersion app (“the Bible app”), go to Plans > Find Plans > search for “Exploits,” and it should come up.

Download this Plan and begin preparing TODAY to go out and do GREAT EXPLOITS!

Expanded blessings,

Pastor Judy


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