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The Outlook for 2022 - Resolve Not Resolution

Before the year 2020 started, I had a word that I felt was from the Lord which said in essence, “Expect a change this year.”

In my heart and mind, I sensed God was saying that no matter your current situation, He was about to change it and turn it around for your good!

I felt like He meant we were going to see victory in our lives.

Well, as we began to walk through 2020, we all quickly realized that change WAS happening, albeit, not exactly as we anticipated. Of course, the scriptures are always our guide.

Isaiah 55:9 declares, “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

Now, as we enter into 2022, I believe that God is still speaking and that He is speaking louder and clearer than we have ever heard Him speak before to the Church and to us as believers.

My heart, my resolve, this coming season is to do everything that I can to be an encouragement, to sound the alarm to those who are asleep and need to be awakened, and to help and equip the saints of God as the coming of the Lord draws closer and closer.

I want to seek Him more in this season of my life than I ever have before. I want to read and study His Word more and to love intentionally the way that Jesus loved. Yes, it is a tall order as I look in the face of this brand-new year.

For these coming days, I’m asking the Lord to give me a deeper perspective, a greater faith, and a greater desire to be a better witness in my house and outside my house.

I want to be the one with the answers.

I want to be the one with the good news.

I want to be the one in the room who speaks faith and not doubt.

I want my outlook to be a Faith Outlook!

I am not a quitter, and my faith is still looking to Jesus - the author and the finisher of my Faith!

If you look in the natural, your outlook for the days ahead may seem dim, bleak, hopeless, and yes even faithless. Sometimes, the bottom of the mountain is encased in clouds, but at the top of the mountain is a clear vista. Selah!

I want to encourage you to change your outlook, change your perspective and change your mind!

While I was in prayer seeking Him before this new year began, I heard the Lord speaking to my spirit these two words, “intentionally focused!”

First, I believe that God is speaking to me about being intentional,

which literally means being conscious, deliberate, planned, prearranged, purposeful, and willful. These are all definitions that embody conscious choices which are made with a certain intention in mind.

Next, I heard the word, ‘focused.’

To focus means to concentrate, to give complete attention, to center one’s mind and self, to give intense mental attention. These words combined create a mental picture of ‘intentionally focusing.’

What is the focus?

It’s on all the promises of God; it’s on the coming of the Lord; it’s on keeping my faith strong; and it’s on being a light in a very dark (and getting darker) world.

So, I am resolved to see a different outlook just as the spies that went out for Moses saying,

“Yes, there are giants there, but we are well capable of taking the land, so let us go up at once!” (Numbers 13:30-31)

Picture yourself this year as the “more than a conqueror” that you are.

Believe that “greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.”

Envision yourself and your family walking in health, wholeness, healing, prosperity, and favor in 2022!

After all, He has given you the keys.

“For I will give unto you the keys of David, and I will open doors that no man can shut, and I will shut doors that no man can open” (Isaiah 22:22).

Take hold of that today and walk in victory every day this year.

I love Deuteronomy 33:25: “As thy days, so shall thy strength be.” Praise God!

Oh yeah, by the way, use your strength to climb some stairs today, get up on a ladder, make your way up in a tree, board an airplane, just do something to change your outlook and perspective because something good is coming to you in 2022!


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