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Prophetic Word: I Have Appointed Your Days

Have you been worried about what’s going on in your life? Do you feel like your days and years have been wasted–or that you will never see the things you have been praying about come to pass?

If so, the Spirit of the Lord says to you today:

“All your days have been appointed by Me, and I have even numbered your days. So why do you worry? “Your days are determined; I have decreed the number of your months and have set limits that you cannot exceed” (Job 14:5).

On the day that you were born, the angels sang your welcome. They rejoiced to know that you had entered into this domain called “life,” and that you were about to step onto this eternal stage. They rejoiced to know that you were about to live out your purpose–the purpose given to you even before the foundations of the earth.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations” (Jeremiah 1:5).

As I appointed my prophet Jeremiah, so have I appointed you.

I also confirmed My Word through My prophet that I was “READY TO PERFORM MY WORD.” In this crucial day and hour, I still stand ready to “perform My Word”–through you, My precious child. I have not left you to fend for yourself. My promise is that I would be with you always, even to the end of this age.

I would that you would consecrate these days to me right now.

Consecrate them for my purpose and allow ME to appoint your days. By faith, appoint your days and you will see your future begin to unfold before you. My days for you are:

  • holy days;

  • anointed days;

  • appointed days;

  • miracle days; and

  • opportunity days.

During this season, you will experience them all as you draw close to Me.

I long to be near you, and for you to be near Me. This season is a reminder to Me of My indescribable love that I have for you, and of all that I have in store for you. Talking with Me is the only way that you can learn how to prepare and appoint your days. I am saying to you My child that NOTHING happens without My permission and My Sovereignty.

Know this:

  • You will live out all of your days.

  • You will see the end to this dilemma.

  • I HAVE appointed the sun to shine again.

  • I DO HAVE your children in My hands, and they are coming in; so don’t stop appointing and decreeing their purpose of days.

  • This financial mountain is falling, and you will see restoration of your days.

If the very hairs on your head are appointed, you don’t think that I am concerned about the intricate details of your life? YES! I am! Things just don’t happen as “they say;” but I have been working behind the scenes, preparing and directing.

The days I have given you have NOT BEEN passive and purposeless, but meaningful and directed for you by Me. The greatest works in your life begin with the smallest of details, for, “Little is much, when I am in it.”

Never forget that I am the Limitless God.

There is no limit to My power, My glory, and My ways. Do not put a limit on what I CAN and WILL do for you. For it is My PLEASURE to give you good things,” says the Lord. “My power is always proven through precious faith from My children. Will you trust Me with these days that I have given to you?

Do you think that I am not aware of YOUR limitations? I know that it is in your weakness that I then become strong; for when you are weak, then I am strong in you. So I say to you today:

Appoint your day of victory!

Appoint your breakthrough! Appoint your freedom from addiction, fear, lack, sickness, and infirmities. Appoint your days when your enemies will be no more; when My glory will be shown, and many will hear and be glad and stunned. For when you recall the days of My servant Job, when I “blessed the latter end of Job’s days more than his beginning,” it will stand as a memorial to My greatness and power.

As I instructed my son Solomon, so I am instructing you, “Never forget the things I have taught you. Store my commands in your heart, for they will prolong your life many years and bring you peace and prosperity.” Those appointed days of trials, tests, pain, and teaching were to bring you where you are today in TOTAL DEPENDENCE ON ME!

Because you have not leaned to the arm of flesh, but have leaned on Me …

… then I will instruct you and lead you in the right and perfect path that I have destined for your life. Your trust factor is increasing in Me. You have learned to trust Me during these times of listening to My voice. I want you to know that I am a trusted friend, and you can rely on My strength to get you through the most difficult of days.

Commit your days into My hands. Let your soul be satisfied to draw from My reservoir of goodness.

My goodness is passing by you even now,” says the Lord, “to cover you and protect you. For when the enemy would come in like a flood, My Spirit is here to raise a standard against him that the very gates of hell cannot withstand.

Do not be afraid of today, tomorrow, or of the rest of your days–for I am already in your today, tomorrow, and even in your yesterday. Therefore, you can lay your head down and sleep in My heavenly shadow, knowing that no foe can withstand you,” says God, your Almighty One.

“Your fulfillment in Me is already finished.

Your days are already accomplished in the Spirit realm, so that is why it is so important that you rest in Me in this day. For I have already appointed and decreed and declared your victorious end. It is a happy end, a winning end, and a glorious end!

Rejoice in the fact that I am your God, and that I am fighting this battle.

I have appointed this, and I will also finish this. For what I start, I am able to finish to the fullest in favor of My children.

My Word will not return into Me void, so appoint your days of greater faith, higher mountains, deeper wells, and mighty gushes of rivers of joy. Be covered with My promise and provision,” says the Lord.

Is this word for you today? Please leave a comment below if so, and tell me what the Spirit of God is saying to you!


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