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A Divine Turnaround Is On Its Way!

A few days ago, during our King’s Table Men’s Conference at Dwelling Place Church International, our keynote speaker–Pastor Rod Parsley–gave a direct word from the Lord.

He said, “There is about to be a divine turnaround.”

There was faith in the room for all of us. And as people of God know, when God moves, He does exceeding abundantly above all we can ask or think! We didn’t know what He was going to do; we just knew that “not one word from the Lord will fall to the ground” (1 Samuel 3:19).

On Monday afternoon, the unexpected happened. I got a call from my older sisters, telling me that my oldest brother–the patriarch of our family–was an hour away from going to be with the Lord. At most, they said, it might take 48 hours. He had a terrible infection. But immediately, prayer partners starting praying from all over the world.

Within 10-15 minutes, everything changed–so much so that the doctor said, “Medicine could not perform [a turnaround] that quickly and stabilize that quickly.” And we are still believing for the finishing of the complete turnaround in his situation. He will live out his days in peace and health! We are believing God for a miracle.

I want to tell you that when God is divinely turning situations around, it doesn’t take Him all day.

In that same day, one of our staff pastors experienced a financial turnaround. Just a couple of months ago, the engine in her car literally blew up–leaving her without a car. Knowing the revelation of seed-planting and harvest, she planted a back-breaking seed for another car.

In a matter of hours, money came in for another car to be purchased. The seed was planted, and within 48 hours there was a divine turnaround.

You just need to understand that God is speaking right now. I felt in my Spirit that God wants to say something to you today.

That is what the spirit of the Lord is saying today:

“There is a divine turnaround that I am performing right now. The situation is moving and shifting and turning now. For some of you, it is a very quick turn. For others, it is meticulously turning and changing right before your very eyes.

For Pharaoh, the turnaround was very tragic as he was pursuing My people. Your enemy has sought to pursue and overtake you also. But just as I did with Pharaoh, everything is being unleashed on your enemy. This enemy that you see, you will never see again.

That divine turnaround happened very quickly; and in the same manner, your enemy’s destruction is going to happen that fast as well. Believe it! Your enemy that comes against you is a defeated foe! Expect a divine turnaround!

A divine turnaround is inevitable in your faith realm.

Don’t doubt, but believe! As My daughter with the issue of blood reached out to Me, this daughter of Zion received an immediate turnaround. She reached out and touched the hem of My garment. In an instant, a divine turnaround occurred!

As you reach out to Me and touch Me in faith, your turnaround is here, and it is now!

I’m turning your doubt around into faith-fired trust. Your fear is being turned around into indisputable and unshakable confidence and promise. Your body is experiencing my divine turnaround of restoration, soundness, and realignment.

My Word is sure; My word is faithful; and I will keep it and perform it. Keep watching the road, and you will see a bend up ahead. That bend has been prepared for you to have a very wide turnaround! The bend is of a size in proportion to the magnitude of the size and scale for you to experience this divine turnaround!

My servant Joseph knew how turnarounds happen immediately.

In one moment he was in prison, and the next moment there was a divine turnaround that took him into the palace. My time came for him, and My time is here for you.

Joseph was faithful to My word and to My commands. He saw My works in great abundance. See how quickly I am working on your behalf to turn your financial situation into an oasis of rest, relaxation, abundance, and peace.

There is a turnaround where you have been hearing “NO! NO! NO!”

In this season of divine turnaround, I am declaring “YES! YES! YES!”–“Yes” to your desires. (I will give you the desires of your heart, Psalm 37:4.) Yes, to your prodigals coming home. (Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you and your household shall be saved; Acts 16:31). They are at this time walking in the direction of death and defiance; but right now, I am Divinely turning your sons and daughters BACK to their families.

This is a divine season of turnaround for your family. Look for them; they are coming! Watch for them; they are running towards you with a spirit of conviction, salvation, and freedom!

It is My joy to give you good things and to make your life full of joy and peace.

Feel it even in your home, My child. I am turning that place of confusion into a place of perfect alignment and divine adjustment. Your home is about to become your resting place again,” says the Lord. You will experience rest in a way you never imagined possible. For I am going to give you a divine turnaround in your sleep cycle. For you will begin to rest in Me and find perfect peace, nothing lacking, nothing broken, nothing missing.

You will lay down and you will experience My deep, undisturbed peace as you keep your mind stayed on Me. Then, I will keep you in this peace,” says the Lord.

Don’t be moved by the things that you see and hear around you.

Look only to Me for your peace, comfort, and strength. I will divinely turn around even the very thoughts that capture your mind and attention throughout the day.

I want you to come near Me and let Me carry you up in My arms. I want to divinely physically and spiritually turn you around in My presence. My presence is all you need to see the invisible become visible.

As you continue to stay in constant communion with Me, then you will experience this promise in a life-changing manner. I have determined I will do it, and My purposes and plans always prevail. I have purposed your victory ahead of every distraction, assignment, and weapon formed against you.

You will prevail! You will succeed! And you will experience my incredible, divine turnaround!

“Trust in the Lord your God and you will be safe! Trust in the message of his prophets and you will win” (2 Chronicles 20:20 NEB).

Do you receive this word for yourself? I know I do! Leave a comment below and tell me if you agree and receive it!


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