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How To Speak In Tongues

My friend, do you want to speak in tongues? Do you want the precious gift of a heavenly language by the Holy Spirit? If you want this gift of the Spirit, you can have it. I’m going to show you how to speak in tongues today … EASILY!

Why do you need to speak in tongues?

Why do you need to be filled with God’s precious, sweet, amazing, glorious Holy Spirit? Because He is a powerful power Producer. He is a dunamis Producer; He is the dynamite that gives you power in your life.

You might say, “The devil has been on my back. Bless God’s holy name, I’ve been fighting demons, devils, and all kind of evil spirits.” But you know what, friend? Instead of focusing on what the devil is doing to you, it’s time to blast the devil with the power of the Holy Ghost!

When you’re filled with the Holy Ghost and His dunamis power, you can say to the devil:

  • “Get out of my house!”

  • “You get out of my body!”

  • “You get out of my mind! In the name of JESUS!”

Speaking in tongues is one of the greatest ways to minister to ourselves.

When you speak the language of the Holy Spirit, you find that He’s an enabling. He’s a crusher. He gives you the power to say no, and He gives you the power to say yes. HE IS THE POWER! He is the power to say “I will” to God.

The unction of the Holy Ghost gives you POWER!

And when you speak in tongues, the Holy Spirit fills you with His unction. He fills you with His power.

The Holy Spirit also builds and increases your faith when you speak in tongues.

No matter what you’re going through–no matter where you are in life–you need increased faith today. Faith is the producer of all of God’s promises.

Do you want ALL of God’s promises–or only some of them? I don’t know about you, but I want all of God’s promises. And if you do too, then we have to go after it! We have to take it by force! The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force. You have to take what God has for you!

So what is speaking in tongues? Here’s a great working definition of speaking in tongues:

Speaking in tongues is a supernatural utterance by the Holy Spirit.

It’s so simple. We in the church have made it so difficult. How many years have we gotten people in the altar and told them, “God wants you to have the baptism in the Holy Ghost. Come on, pray. Come on, yield!” Then one person gets on one side of you; another person gets on the other side of you, and they say opposite things!

The first one yells, “Let go! Yield! Turn loose” And then the second one pulls you back the other direction and says, “Hang on!” and it goes on like that:

“Turn loose!” “Hang on!” “Turn loose!” “Hang on!” 🙂 🙂 🙂

We don’t need all of that stuff. Speaking in tongues is easy.

It’s so simple; it really is. Speaking in tongues is a supernatural utterance by the Holy Spirit in a language never learned by the person doing the speaking.

Did you get that? This is a key point:

Tongues is the language of the supernatural realm. Not your language; it’s the language of the Spirit.

Who wants to live in the supernatural? I know I do!

When you live in the supernatural, you can say:

  • “Rise!”

  • “Be healed!”

  • “Tornado, go!”

  • “Rain, come!”

  • “Get up and walk!”

Speaking in tongues helps you walk and live in the supernatural!

Let me ask you a question:

What is the language of France? It’s French. When I go to France, I have to get an interpreter. And if I’m just visiting, that’s fine. But if I want to move to France and want to be effective in France, I need to learn the language of France. I need to learn to speak French.

It’s the same for you. If you want to be effective in the supernatural realm, then you have to become acquainted with the supernatural language of tongues.

And it’s so easy. SO EASY.

Here’s how to speak in tongues:

As far back as I can remember, people have seemed to focus on how hard it is to receive this great phenomenon. But, here’s the deal: so many people just stand there with their mouths open, thinking. Not talking; just thinking.

They’ll be standing in an altar at church, wanting to receive this gift of the Spirit. And the pastor will be telling them, “Come on, open your mouth and just begin to praise God.”

But the person is thinking, “I look and feel so stupid.” And they don’t say a thing! They’re somehow thinking that God is going to come down and kind of force their mouth open and wiggle their tongue. They’re waiting for God to zap them, make them fall out, and make them say, “bububububu, hondahondahonda.”

I’m not making fun of anybody; I’m trying to show you that this is what people do.

But here’s the key when you’re learning how to speak in tongues:

There were 120 people in the upper room on the day of Pentecost, right? 120 people. But who was it that spoke in tongues? Was it the Holy Ghost who spoke in tongues–or was it the 120 people?

It was the 120.

The 120 people themselves spoke in tongues. The PEOPLE did it. The PEOPLE spoke in tongues. This tells you they chose to speak in tongues.

It seems like people are under the notion that it is the Holy Spirit who somehow forces you to speak.

They are under the notion that the Holy Spirit gets their mouth open and forces them to talk. But, that’s not true. According to the word of God, it was the disciples who spoke in tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance.

The disciples spoke in tongues. It was an act of the will, and the Spirit gave them utterance when they chose to speak in tongues.

The Spirit gave them utterance.

They opened their mouths; and, by faith, then they uttered words which were unknown to them.

“Words which were unknown to them” is also key if you want to speak in tongues.

You can’t utter words of an unknown language and speak in an unknown language unless you utter words that are unknown to you, right?


You can’t lift your hands, open your mouth, and go “Hallelujah, Hallelujah.” That’s a word that’s known to you. As a matter of fact, that’s a word known to all the world; it’s a universal word.

You have to open your mouth by faith and utter words by the Spirit …

… Words which are unknown to you.

First Corinthians 14:14-15 says this: “For if I pray in an unknown tongue …”

Get that: “unknown tongue” …

… “My spirit prays.”

You are made up of body, soul, and spirit. Eventually, your body is going to turn back to dust. Your soul is going to live forever (either in Heaven or hell) and your spirit is going to return to God.

When you pray in unknown tongues, your spirit prays, but your understanding isn’t fruitful. That means you don’t really know what you’re praying, because you’re praying words unknown to you. But the apostle Paul wrote, “So, I will pray with the spirit and I will pray with the understanding also.”

What does that mean?

Some people have the idea that they can only pray in tongues if they feel inspired.

They say, “I just feel inspired, so I’m going to pray in tongues.” But no, it’s language. You don’t have to wait to feel inspired. If you speak French or Spanish, and you say, “I feel inspired, so I’m going to speak French. I feel inspired, so I’m going to speak Spanish,” people would say you’re crazy–right? You don’t feel inspired. You just need to communicate, so you use the language you speak. It’s just talking.

Speaking in tongues is the same way. It’s the language of the Spirit–but it’s just language, so you just talk in it. You communicate. You open your mouth and just talk in tongues, just like you just talk in French or you just talk in English.

You just talk.


Yes. 🙂

Praying in tongues is a function of the will.

Speaking in tongues, in the heavenly language, is a function of the will. That means that, until you decide to open your mouth and speak in tongues, nothing’s going to happen.


Because, here it is …

Faith is required.

Your faith is required to speak in tongues. Your will is required to speak in tongues.

God is always trying to get your will to line up with His will. And He wants to give you everything; it’s the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. So He wants your will to come into agreement and into alignment with His will.

God the Father is all the while effectively at work in you, both to will and to do His good pleasure. He is ready and willing for you to speak in tongues right now. But, you have to believe.

When you open your mouth and speak, the very next words out of your mouth will be supplied by the Holy Spirit.

If you will stand in faith and open your mouth, the Holy Spirit will give you the utterance. He will supply you with the words; because the Bible says, as the Spirit gives the utterance.

You can speak in the language of the Spirit right now because you are simply enabled to do so by the Holy Spirit who already lives inside you.

When you got saved, you got the Holy Spirit.

His gifts are simply Him enabling you to do things under His power. The Holy Ghost is already inside you; He lives there. So to speak in tongues, just open your mouth and speak the expressions that your spirit desires to unleash.

You’ll be using your physical tongue and vocal cords, but the Spirit works through the sounds and words unknown to you. Your mind may say, “That’s just gibberish.” All of us have been there; we’ve felt the same thing. But it’s not just gibberish.

It’s the simplest act of opening your mouth in faith and beginning to speak that releases the power of the Holy Ghost to supply the words.

So what are you doing when you talk in tongues? You’re partnering with the Holy Spirit.

You don’t need anybody to lay hands on you. You don’t need to tarry. You don’t need to be pushed one way and pulled the other way. The Holy Spirit just wants you to partner with Him. He says, “You’re not going to believe the work that I have for you. It’s going to be so incredible, you’re just not going to believe it. So I need you to partner with me. Are you ready?”

So go ahead and speak in tongues now.

Just open your mouth and speak. You’re partnering with the Holy Spirit. The words that come out are not going to be English or any other words known to you. It’s going to be a language unknown to you.

When you receive your heavenly language, it may just be a syllable.

It may be two syllables. But even if it’s one or two syllables, you have to start somewhere. You have to come into partnership with the Holy Spirit. So don’t wait; open your mouth right now and talk–but don’t talk in English. Let your spirit and your mouth come into agreement with what God is saying, and let your mind come into agreement with what God is saying.

You don’t need to tarry or strive if you’ve given your life to Jesus.

The Holy Spirit won’t come in unless He’s coming into a temple that belongs to Him; a temple that is holy and sanctified by the blood of Jesus. If you’ve never given your life to Jesus, put your hand on your heart and pray this:

“Jesus, I ask You to forgive me of any sins I’ve committed–anything that I’ve done, said, things I didn’t do, or didn’t say. Create in me a clean heart. Purify me from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. Set me apart, right now. I let go of everything and everybody that has ever done me wrong, or to whom I’ve done wrong. Come into my heart and save me, and fill me with Your Spirit. In Jesus’ name, I thank You. I am forgiven. My life is in Your hands. Thank you, Jesus.”

And then just open your mouth and speak in faith by the Holy Spirit–speaking words unknown to you.

Stop right now and pray in a heavenly language to God.

Don’t wait; do it now. Open your mouth and use your tongue to speak words unknown to you. Let the utterance of the Holy Ghost pass through your mouth.

And after awhile, after you and the Lord speak His language, would you tell me in the comments below what happened and how the Lord ministered to you with His language? I’d love to hear about it!


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