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Prophetic Word: A Season of a New Testimony Is Coming!

Friends, the Lord says to you today:

“Take heart My child, there is a NEW TESTIMONY COMING!

I have seen your “LIST.” As you have been seeking Me for the things that I have commanded you to ask for, NOW you will very soon begin to see the old pass away. I am about to give you a NEW TESTIMONY!

For you have been living in the blessings of the old testimony. As you have used your words to express your joy over the things I have already done, NOW that testimony is about to become obsolete!

I have seen you, My child.

You have had a list of things you have been praying for; and as I have been answering those prayers, you have praised Me for those things and have given me glory for them. NOW, you will begin to see with your eyes the NEW THINGS that I am doing.

You are poised now to begin to strike these NEW THINGS from your list of faith prayers, for you will no longer have a need to ask Me for those things. Expect the next season to be a “new testimony season,” in which you will be testifying of the miracle that I’m doing now.

Go ahead! Testify that I am doing this thing, and also testify about what I’m about to do! Go ahead; shout it from the rooftops by faith, just as you have done before.

Do you remember when you wrote it down?

Do you recall asking Me “when?” “How long, O Lord?”

The days and nights you sought My face for these needs?

You asked me to heal your body. You needed a new house; a new car. You needed a miracle in a child.

I have done that thing. NOW, I’m about to do GREATER,” says the Lord, “exceeding abundantly above GREATER! Get ready to strike it from your list again!

See the new thing?

Do you hear your NEW testimony?

Do you feel the newfound freedom?

Do you see MANY who are rejoicing with you?

TESTIFY!” Says the Lord! “Prove Me; see that I will open up the heavens and pour you out a blessing you will not believe!

My Word says that when you decree a thing, I establish it!

So use your voice to decree a testimony from Heaven! Use your voice to decree VICTORY in the face of the devil! This is the season of the new testimony; the unveiling of the new and powerful in your life!

For I will do something in your day, your night, your week, this month, and this year that even if it were told to you, you would not believe it. I declare to you today, believe My Word and thank Me for it!

And then, EXPECT the manifestation of everything that I have declared over you concerning the new testimony!

Don’t wait to praise Me until you see it; praise Me before you see it!

That is how I respond to my children. I respond to THEIR FAITH; yes, your faith! So look to Me now and be saved:

  • Saved from your enemies;

  • Saved from your afflictions;

  • Saved from fear and depression!

Be whole! Nothing lacking, nothing broken, nothing missing!

And as you praise Me, victory will come. Breakthroughs will come. Peace will come. Joy will come, and you will see THE NEW which you have never seen or experienced before,” says the Lord.

“Get ready to run, skip, and shout, for My promises are ‘yes,’ and they are ‘amen’ for My glory,” says the Lord of hosts!

Wow! What a word! Give God glory and shout if you receive it! And as always, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below if the Lord spoke that word to your heart! If this ministry encourages you, would you prayerfully consider sowing a seed? We minister around the world day in and day out, raising up laborers into the harvest field. We would love to have you join this movement. Click here for our secure giving portal.


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