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Prophetic Word: “Who Am I to You?”

Do you wonder sometimes if your destiny is going to be fulfilled or not? If so, the Lord says to you today:

“Who am I? Who am I to you?

I am here to bring you comfort and peace as you concentrate on My greatness and goodness. Sometimes you go through life and trials, and you feel as if your life (that I have planned and ordained for you) is without plan or purpose. But, My word declares that I have begun a good work in you, and I am faithful to complete what I began in you.

I am Alpha and I am Omega. Another name for Me is “Author,” and another name is “Finisher.” Another name is “Beginning,” and another name is “Ending.”

My name is Alpha and Omega at the same time. This means that I cannot be the Beginning without being the Ending also.

The truth is, I end before I begin.

I see the end from the beginning. I finish your purpose in eternity, and then I start it in time–so that, ultimately, what I am going to do in your life is going to be completed.”

For your Redeemer would say:

“It’s like shooting a movie or doing a recording. The movie is usually not seen or heard in the sequence in which you see it or hear it. They usually start with the final scene–the climatic scene–first, because of budget.

With a recording, they record the end of the song first–while your voice is very strong and unstrained in the beginning. They save the easy part of the recording for the end.

This is what I want to say to you today:

That’s why you can’t quit.

You are going to ultimately get to the place that I have ordained for you–but you must hold tightly to Me. Just keep talking to Me. Keep believing in Me.

Keep trusting in Me, and keep your faith in Me. My promise is that you will get there–to the place that I have already destined for your life.

When I say that “I preordained you,” I mean that I am going to get you from here to there.

You may go through some things along the way. You may go through some tragedy. You may lose some things.

But if you will remain steadfast and faithful, you will eventually get to the “there” that I have ordained. Everything you go through will work together for your good because you are My called-out ones.

That is why you must still believe there is hope for your nation.

Although things are bleak, and gross darkness covers the face of the deep, there is still hope. I will come through; revival is coming and is here. Expect my supernatural intervention in your life in this hour.

It is noteworthy to know that I am capable of anything. Leave it to Me! I clapped My hands and the angels appeared in numerous numbers. My Word in Hebrews calls them “an innumerable company.” I clapped My hands again, and the seas and the oceans came out of absolute nothingness. They became what you see and know today.

I clapped My hands again; and the lightning began to flash and the thunder began to roar. I clapped My hands again, and zillions and zillions of stars began to light up the galaxies. The stars and the Milky Way came into existence at one word from My mouth.

I clapped My hands again, and fish came forth in the oceans and the rivers. Out of My mouth I created the things which are, the things we see, the things that are material, and the things that are immaterial.

I am the royal diadem, the majesty of creation, the king of the universe.

I am the God who is sovereign over everything. I am:

  • bigger than the seas;

  • bigger than the ocean;

  • bigger than a church;

  • bigger than a denomination;

  • bigger than the universe;

  • bigger than the government;

  • bigger than the President, Congress, or Senate.

I am bigger than anything you know or will ever know. I am the One who was, and is, and is to come.

I am the God who has never arrived anywhere, for I have always been everywhere.

I have never thirsted for anything that I don’t already have. I have never even been hungry for something that I have never possessed. If you try to use numbers to crunch My capacity or My infinitude, you would never be able to create a number big enough. I dwell in absolute awesomeness.

I am the creator of everything that ever existed.

I am the innovation behind every invention. There wouldn’t be a Microsoft, an Apple, or any information technology without Me. There would not be apps on your phone or any phones at all if I weren’t behind it.

My simple things are wiser than your genius. The nations are nothing but a drop in a bucket. I am ruler over all.

I am unimpeachable. Nobody voted Me in, so nobody can vote Me out. Nobody can overthrow Me, impeach Me, or dethrone Me. Nobody can judge Me. I am God all by Myself.

My power is absolute.

When one prophet tried to understand my infinite absoluteness, He looked for My breadth and couldn’t find it. He looked for My funeral, and it wasn’t there either. Then he concluded, ‘Thou art God, and You are from everlasting to everlasting.’

For I declare:

I bow to nobody. I bow to no man. I defer to no counsel or personality anywhere. I don’t thirst, nor do I need.”

The Holy One of Israel says, “I don’t use the bus, car, train, or automobile. I don’t travel, because I am omnipresent.

I am Shammah–everywhere present at the same time.

I’m never coming, nor am I going. I’m never leaving, nor am I arriving. I am Jehovah Shammah. I am just here, wherever the “here” may be.

I am omnipresent. I am everywhere at the same time:

  • I’m in New York at the same time I’m in London.

  • I’m in London at the same time I’m in Africa.

  • I’m on Mars at the same time I’m on Pluto.

  • I’m on the moon at the same time I’m in the sun.

I’m not only AT all places at all times; I exist at all times too.

I’m at all times … at all times.

I am in yesterday at the same time I am in today, and at the same time I am in tomorrow.

I was in 1963 at the same time I was in 1973, 1983, 1993, and 2023. I’m even waiting for you right now in 2093. That means I am God, and that the God you serve is not only AT all places at all times, but also IN all times at all times.

So when I make you a promise, I’m not announcing to you that something that is going to happen …

I am announcing to you that something has already happened. You just haven’t come into that time yet.

But by faith today, I believe that you can look into the future and hold onto all the things you go through:

  • The diverse experiences you will have;

  • The furious pace of your life; and

  • The trouble of your trial …

And know that you are going to get there. You will arrive at your victory.

Everything is under My control because I am God who is Shammah–God who is with you.

Time and all of its parts are underneath Me and My blood. Let Me also warn you: I am beyond finding out. That means that I am unsearchable.

Don’t ever get tired of loving Me, discovering Me, or discerning Me. But, I am bigger than your mind can articulate.”

For the Lord your God says:

“When you start on your way somewhere, I’ll be behind you, pushing you forward. I’ll be pulling you forward. I’ll be with you, supporting you.

When you are on your way, I’ll be there somewhere already waiting on you to arrive.

When you get to heaven, you will discover there is no need for lights. There is no need for a sun. The glory of My face will be enough; it will be all that you need.

I am God on My throne.

The twenty-four elders serenade Me. The sea of glass and the triumphant company celebrate Me.

Someone has calculated that there are 100 trillion angels. John the Revelator said there were ten thousand times ten thousand, times a thousand, times a thousand. Crunch the numbers, and it’s not one billion or one trillion; it’s 100 trillion angels. That’s who is on your side. They are working for you, sent out on your behalf.

I am the God that you serve. I am El Shaddai, Adonai. I am beyond what your mind can fathom. When I assigned Moses, My servant, to take the children of Israel out of Egypt, Moses asked Me: “Who may I say sent me?”

And I said, “Tell them ‘I Am that I Am’ has sent me.”

That meant: whatever Israel needs Me to be, that’s what I am:

  • When they need Me to open up a sea so they can walk on dry ground, I’ll open it up and drown their enemies at the same time.

  • When they are hungry, I’ll be their food-provider.

  • When they are thirsty and in a dry and parched land, I’ll be their water from a rock.

  • When they are broke, busted, and disgusted, I’ll transform from what I was to what they need me to be; I’ll just turn around, and they’ll see everything they need in Me.

I’ll be what they need Me to be this week, which may be different from what they needed Me to be last week.

I’ll clap My hands, and manna will come out of the windows of heaven. When they are tired of the manna, then just watch Me. I’ll transform how I manifest Myself again (and turn around again), and I’ll get into the east wind. I’ll send quail into their field.

I am Jehovah Tsidkenu, but I am also Jehovah Shalom.

I am Jehovah Shalom, but I am also Jehovah Shammah. I am also Jehovah Jireh! I am awesomeness.

Take some time right now and praise Me for who I am. There is a praise that I like! Praising Me at twelve in the afternoon is okay. But, when everybody else is asleep, and you don’t have anything to give but a sacrifice of praise, I love your praise then too. It touches Me in a very special way.

When you praise Me, just let Me know, “God, I appreciate who You are.”

Stop right now and tell me “THANK YOU,” because I am:

  • never weak;

  • never hungry;

  • never desperate;

  • never broke or needy;

  • never lacking.

As a matter of fact, I am overwhelming. I am big, abundant, infinite. I am rich and overflowing. I am enormous and mammoth.

You can’t understand how blessed you really are until you understand your Daddy, your God.

Your very being is blessed because it is connected to My DNA–which is YOUR DNA–for My Word teaches that you are partakers of the divine nature.

Everyone reproduces after their own kind. And if you have been borne of Me, it is an indication that–just as sure as I am God, YOU are blessed–for I am Blessed, and I am the Blessing.”

Now here is what you need to pray:

“Now Lord, I don’t know if You are going to do it for me.; but I do know that You CAN do it. I don’t know if You’re going to heal me, but I do know that You CAN heal me. I don’t know if You are going to pay off my bills and mortgage, but I do know that the cattle on a thousand hills belong to You.

I don’t know how I’m going to get directions, but I do know that YOU are the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”

If you don’t know that your God is awesome, then please stop praying and asking Him for stuff.

But if you DO know that He is awesome, then ask Him for anything! If you do know that He is God who answers prayer, ask Him!

I have two daughters, and sometimes they amaze us. They think that we have a money tree somewhere in the back yard. Sometimes they ask me for stuff I can’t afford. I’m actually amazed at some of the things they ask us for! They perceive us to have what they think they need, or what they want.

Here’s the object lesson to remember:

I saw a person one time who was really large. I wasn’t sure why this lady looked so big! But, as I looked closer, I found out she was big for a reason: she was pregnant!

Somebody needs to understand that your God is fat.

Your God is pregnant. And out of the pregnancy of His own divinity, He begins to speak into existence all the things that you and I see. So, everything that He spoke into existence–everything that is now created–is as pregnant as He was, for He reproduces after His own kind!

He was pregnant with the universe; and, as the result of that pregnancy, He created the sun, the moon, and the stars. He created the seas and the oceans. Then He said, “Let there be light,” … and there was light.

So the pregnant God created pregnant things.

And He is saying to you today, “Who do you say that I am?”

Who is like the lord? Nobody! So … I dare you to ask Him for whatever you need!

Does this word resonate in your heart? If the Lord is speaking to your heart, leave a comment below!


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