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Prophetic Word: You Are Gaining Momentum!

The Lord has been saying some things to me lately about how we, as the church of Jesus Christ, are gaining momentum–despite what we are seeing in the news and social media outlets. These are definitely very troubling times; and if you look in the natural, you would think that things are getting worse and worse.

The truth of the matter is, things are getting worse. Jesus promised that they would. Paul warns us in 2 Timothy 3:1, “There will be terrible times in the last days.”

But this is what I know: the church of the Lord Jesus was and still is triumphant. And the Lord wants us to know, as His children, that we are gaining momentum in the natural AND in the spiritual realm.

What is momentum?

Momentum is driving power, force, or speed of movement. It is an impelling force or strength. Momentum is multiplied by velocity.

And I heard the Spirit of the Lord say:

“This is MY TIME! Even though your enemy thinks that he is gaining ground, I declare to you today that you, My church, are gaining ground and also momentum!

You are making divinely supernatural strides which far supersede your enemy. As I said to My servant Amos:

“‘Behold, the days are going to come,’ declares the Lord, ‘when the one who plows will catch up to the one who harvests, and the one who stomps on grapes will catch up to the one who plants. New wine will drip from the mountains and flow from all the hills.’”

I am giving you greater access that leads to greater momentum to see a more abundant harvest.

There are many in the valley of decision, and I am calling you to go forward and to bring in the multitudes who are crying and dying without hope.

The momentum of My Spirit is hovering over the earth. And in order to continue to see momentum, there needs to be continuous, consistent motion within My Body, the church. This motion is coming from My presence, where I am infusing you with strength to leap over the obstacles that have come in your path.

The momentum of My spirit is like the momentum that I gave My servant Elijah as he declared to Ahab, ‘Get ready, it’s about to rain;’ and My Word declares, ‘The power of the Lord came on Elijah and, tucking his cloak into his belt, he ran ahead of Ahab all the way to Jezreel” (1 Kings 18:46).

My Spirit and the momentum that are coming on My Bride, the church, is a momentum that will cause a breakthrough in the heavens against your enemy, the devil. You are getting in position to outrun every enemy that has come against you, and you will win, because I HAVE WON!”

This is the time to remain constant, steady, and unwavering to see the great and the mighty harvest that is coming on this earth in unprecedented measures.

Then, I heard the Spirit of the Lord say:

“I am increasing this Spirit momentum. I am taking you up to a higher ground, away from the very claws of your fiercest enemy. He thought that he had succeeded in keeping you down in a complacent and fear-filled tomb; but, once again, My resurrection life and power are coming on you.

You are gaining momentum in your right standing with Me; in prayer; in joy; in peace of mind; in body; soul; and spirit. There is a greater momentum coming in victory, power, and breakthrough; and you must never give up on pursuing it because I give My Spirit and power without measure through My Holy Spirit.

The prayers that you prayed 6 years ago, 6 months ago or even 6 days ago, are about to turn into answered prayer.

It has seemed as if your family has been stuck in spiritual molasses over the past 9 months, but I say that you are picking up spiritual momentum. Even if it feels you are stuck, don’t stop worshipping Me and living in expectation.

In a race, the finish line becomes clearer and clearer, yet it seems farther and farther away. But, it is at that point when the end is clearly in view that the adrenaline kicks in for the runner.

My Holy Spirit is energizing My saints–My runners–with spiritual adrenaline.

You are getting very close to the very reason why I put you here on earth. Don’t doubt where you are in your walk with Me. Don’t doubt the struggle, pain, and discouragement that you may feel … because if you will look ahead very closely, you will see the finish line.

When an archer fires an arrow, it goes a certain speed and distance. That combination of speed and distance is called the arrow’s “cast.” The greater the cast, the greater an arrow’s speed, distance, and momentum–which will cause essentially the better hit. A bow provides an arrow with momentum, and the momentum is the combination of the arrow’s weight times its speed.

I am coming now in My kabod (glory) and the weightiness of it will not inhibit the speed to which you will be catapulted to another degree of My Spirit!

I declare to you today:

There is a new wind blowing upon My people.

Just as I hovered over the face of the deep, I am hovering over My people once again. I am speaking; and when I speak, nothing can stop My move and My momentum.

My wind is blowing! My fire is burning! My rain is raining! There is an over-abundance; a more-than-enough; and a “more than you can imagine” momentum that is assigned to you in this season. I want to do more for you at this momentum time than at any time in your earth-walk!”

“I am unlocking every closed prison door in your life,” says the Lord.

“Feel the wind behind you as I am blowing you out of those doors that have held you down, kept you in, and closed you out. There is a releasing of My wind as I am blowing My wind into your life. I am refilling your empty vessels.

The emptiness is being replaced with the overflow of My Spirit and the reservoir of My abundance.

Make a demand upon Me today and see what I will do in this time of momentum for you–if you will only ask Me in faith, believing that I am the God of more than enough.

Get ready for My powerful force and velocity to sweep you into a deeper and fuller knowledge of Me. Get ready for My purposes and plans to give more momentum to My movement!

Lift up your arms and your spirit, and get ready to fly in this time; for My momentum is undeniable!”

Wow! Somebody give the Lord a shout right there! Do you receive this word for your own life? Leave a comment below if so, and share this post with someone else!


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