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Prophetic Word: Your Most Blessed Life Is HERE

Do you want to be MOST blessed? I know I do! If you do too, the word of the Lord for you, His child, today is:

“I have a better life awaiting you in the NOW, and in the FUTURE!

I have always promised you that where I am you would be also, because I go to prepare a place for you. I promised that I would come back for you and we would spend eternity together. And please believe me when I say, I keep my promises!

The life I have prepared for you is one that, eye hath not seen nor ears heard the things that I have prepared for you. But until then, I have a better life for you in the right now!

I am inviting you to enter into the realm of the supernatural.

You have a direct line to Me, and all I ask is that you to do what My word says: “Call unto Me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things that you know not of.” This realm is the direct access to My throne room and to supernatural power, and I want to give you EVERYTHING that is coming to you, through My promises.

There are many complicated issues that you, as My child, will face in this walk of the Earth realm; but I have all the answers to the issues of life. I have already planned your ordained future, and it is secure.

Your life is in my hands and I have a plan to make it better, more fulfilled, and a greater blessing than even you can imagine. I am committed to keeping you “under the shadow of my wings” and to hold you in the palm of My hand.

My Holy Spirit is decreeing your “most blessed life.”

He is building and stimulating your faith. And right now, you can grab hold of unstoppable progression in your life, family, and future. It is a progression in faith that even your enemies cannot deny.

I am on your side and I am strengthening your inner man with might, grace, and courage. I am qualifying you to live your most blessed life now!

Remain in My Word.

If you will remain in Me, and My Word remain in you, you can ask what you will and it shall be done unto you. My Word plainly tells you, “you have not because you ask not!” Your most blessed life is waiting on you to ask and prove Me,” saith God! “It is My pleasure to pour you out blessings that you will not be able to receive, comprehend, or imagine.

The enemy has been on a thrill ride, trying to cause you to magnify your problems, situations, and his lies. But, if you will begin to MAGNIFY ME, you will find your best life.

Your BEST LIFE is on the other side of your worship. Your best life is on the other side of your shout, your dance, and–most assuredly–your obedience. I am coming in this moment to give you a spiritual refreshing and a restful rest.

Know this:

  • When you cast your cares on me, you are living your BEST LIFE!

  • When you live by faith and not by your feelings, you’re living your BEST LIFE!

  • When you put your faith in My Word and not on how it looks in the natural, you’re living your BEST LIFE!

  • When you trust My heart and not My hand, you are living your BEST LIFE!

  • When you walk by faith and not by sight, you are living your BEST LIFE!

I am equipping you for My most WONDROUS MIRACLES!

What are you believing Me for? I am standing ready to give you even the very desires of your heart. Even though the way has been rough, crooked, and seemingly out-of-reach, I am right now arranging your BEST LIFE by making the rough places smooth, the crooked places straight, and the high places low.

I am bringing you into myself. Deep is calling unto deep, and I am calling you to a higher dimension. I am taking you into places that you have been afraid to step into; but on the other side of your obedience to step out onto the water, I will fine-tune everything that has seemingly been out of sync.

I am protecting you with My armor to stand against the enemy that is trying to destroy your divine purpose.

The enemy is trying to destroy My will for you; and, ultimately your BEST LIFE! But I’m giving you the power and the tools that will shoot down your enemy. He will fall, and you will behold his fall because it will be a great fall.

I am developing a fight inside of you to which there will be no comparison.

Even the fiercest of your enemies cannot compare to the fight that I am developing inside you. This fight is a fight that I have already won; and you win too, because your best life is now being realized.

I am synchronizing My timing and your timing together; and My timing is always right.

I have been developing your prayer life so that My will and your will would come into perfect alignment. Not only am I aligning your timing with Mine, but I am also aligning your assignment for this season that you are presently in.

I am using this new season you are entering (or are already in) to develop a greater boldness in Me–and a new place of authority that has been reserved especially for you. I am pulling this treasure out of you. For, you see, this treasure IS in earthen vessels, and I know you. I know that you are but dust; and I still love you, because I created you in My image and for My purpose.

Learn how to live this BEST LIFE through My divinely-inspired Word.

It will be a lamp unto your feet, so that you can look down and not trip over everything that the enemy may put in front of you. My Word is also a light unto your path. You may not know EVERYTHING that is ahead of you, but My Word promised that I will shine a light upon your path so you will NEVER walk in darkness.

At this moment, I hear a rallying sound of victory just up ahead for you!

This sound is a sound that the enemy is very afraid of, because he has heard it many times. It is a sound of torture to him. Victory through Me is always secure. That is why you can never give up, My child, because you are never really sure when and where your victory will come.

So just live your BEST LIFE NOW in My supernatural protection and grace.

The atmosphere is charged with My presence all around you. My presence is coming to your aid and giving you a calm assurance that all is well.

Look for the angels that I have assigned to come to you. I have assigned them to minister grace, faith, and love to you in this time of need. I am your Father, and I know your needs even before you ask. I will never abandon you.

I am sending My Word to heal you even now!

Therefore …

  • Receive My healing! Body, mind, and spirit!

  • Receive My love! Perfect love casts out fear!

  • Receive My forgiveness! For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

  • Receive My help! Remember “I will look unto the hills, from whence comes my help; my help comes from the Lord.”

  • Receive My promises! For all My promises are yes and amen, to the glory of the Father.

Your BEST LIFE begins when you surrender–body, mind, soul, and spirit–to Me.

Just as I put Jeremiah, My prophet, on the potter’s wheel to shape and to mold him, I am putting you on the wheel as well. I know the plans I have for you while you are on this wheel. The plan is to prosper you and for you to have a good future.

My plan is for you to live your BEST LIFE here, and in the future with Me. The Word of the Lord is sure, and My Word is eternally settled in the heavens. Trust Me with your life, family, children, finances, body, relationships, and–yes–even those things that seem so great and so small. I can take care of all of them.

Never forget:

  • Your best life is in Me!

  • Your best life is in fellowship with other believers!

  • Your best life is staying in constant contact with Me!

  • Your best life is reading and meditating on My Word!

Life your most blessed life now!

Is the Lord stirring your spirit as you read this word? If so, receive it and leave a comment below! Confess your faith in God publicly! Hallelujah!


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