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Get Ready for MASSIVE to Happen!

Are you praying for God to move in your life? Do you want Him to do something massive for you today?

I hear the Lord God of Abraham saying:

“Get ready for the MASSIVE to happen in your life.”

Then He said, “You have been awaiting this word from Me, and I am releasing it to you now!”

When I think, when I speak, when I move, I move in THE MASSIVE. I spoke, and the solar system came into being; the land came forth ready for habitation; then I created life on the Earth. All of the eight acts of creation were accomplished in six days. Six is the number of man.

I am about to do something in you, through you, and for you in six days!

Can you believe for it to happen? I am sending something MASSIVE toward you!

Many will look and be amazed at the massiveness and the aggressiveness of this word,” says the Lord of hosts! “Even you, you will look on My works in amazement and will ask, ‘How did He do this? How did it happen so quickly?’

I would ask you, My child, is there anything too hard for Me?

Can you believe for something to turn and shift and be removed in six days?

Look at what I accomplished in the earth in six days. Would you agree that what I did was massive? Yes it was, and I want to do it for you!

Do you recall how massive the miracle was for Abraham and Sarah? Abraham was 100 years old; Sarah was 90. What seemed impossible with man was possible with Me. Even in the midst of Sarah’s laughing and doubting, I still went beyond her faith. I went ‘exceeding, abundantly above’ what she asked or what she thought; and I can do the same thing for you!

I am going to do for you as I did for Sarah.

A word has been spoken and My Holy Spirit has revealed that He wants to do it for you, but you have laughed and doubted and not believed. Nevertheless, I the Lord will do it, in spite of your faith! Don’t doubt; only believe, My child!

The entire army of Pharaoh was about to take the children of Israel out, but look what massive thing I did for them. I parted the Red Sea for them to cross over on DRY GROUND.

Something is parting in front of you, and you have wondered how you will be able to cross over this “Red Sea.” But, I am about to show Myself massively strong on your behalf. The “enemy that you are looking at today, you will see them no more,” because I am going to part this thing in your life.

Even now, I am sending my Angel before you to make sure the ground is dry and ready to walk on.

Keep your faith sandals on. Don’t take them off or give up, because I’m about to do something so massive in your day that people will see it and say, “That was God who did that!” That’s what I seek. I love to receive glory when My children are delivered, to prove to the world how much I love them.

“Yes, and I am sending manna; lots of it!”

I am sending massive amounts of manna, so that you will be guaranteed not to ever grow hungry again. Don’t doubt My source; it’s coming. It’s going to fall directly into your lap, in your house, in your bank account, on your children, and in your very soul.

My manna will satisfy the hunger of your heart! My manna is fresh; it is not stale. “Oh taste and see that I am good!”

This big thing that you feel is about to swallow you up is no match for My massiveness.

Just as I delivered My servant Jonah from the mouth of the big fish, I control the sea, the sea creatures, and everything that even crawls on the ground. There is no temptation that has taken you but such as is common to man; but I am faithful, and I will not allow you to suffer and to be tempted above what you are able to bear. When temptation comes, I will make a way for you to escape–just as I made a way for My servant Jonah, causing the fish to spit him up. Your enemy cannot devour you,” says the Lord.

I am planning a way for your escape even now!

Be encouraged, and know that this trial will not take you under. Instead, it will take you OVER in a massive way!

Never forget how I chose to bring My beloved Son into the earth-realm through the loins of a young girl by the name of Mary. How massive was this divine conception?

In the same way, I am birthing something extraordinarily massive in your life. In the natural, it will seem inconceivable. But, that is how I love to show off My power through the lens of faith, bringing forth the supernatural out of the natural. That thing that is being birthed through you is of supernatural origin; and you will hear it with your own ears, “This is the finger of God.”

Remember the massive lions that were put in the lion’s den to consume and tear apart My servant Daniel.

But, never forget how I was in the den with Daniel. These lions that have been attacking you will not be able to devour you. For you will look at them and smile, and many will wonder why you are not being eaten alive! But it is because I, the Lord God, am your Deliverer!

I have shut the mouths of the lions and they will not be able to devour you, your family, your finances, or your future,” says the Lord, “because I am God your Protector!

The Lion of the tribe of Judah has prevailed and conquered!

I am doing these things for you because I am getting you ready for the greatest testimony people have ever witnessed. They will see and observe my BIGNESS AND MASSIVENESS, and will be drawn to Me by witnessing My miracles, signs, and wonders.

The day when I will call you up and out from this place is drawing near. I am releasing My miracles in large quantities to those who will dare to ask and believe. It is My good pleasure to give you all you ask and dare to dream,” says the Lord. “No good thing will I withhold from those who walk uprightly before Me.

Look to Me today and be healed; be set free; be delivered in the largeness of My massiveness!

I want to bless you big and abundantly! My massiveness is who I am! Call unto Me, and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things you know not of. YOU CALL, and I WILL ANSWER … MASSIVELY!” says the Lord of hosts!


I feel that word so strong in my bones; it’s MASSIVE! Will you join your faith with mine and believe God to do something massive in YOUR life?

If so, leave a comment below and tell me what you’re believing the Lord for!

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